View Full Version : Nroute connection broken problem

31st August 2008, 01:02 AM
Goodevening, I was hoping someone could shed light on a curious problem I have.
I used to be able to use nroute and metroguide and a gps map60cx to real time track on my laptop. I subsequently upgraded to City Navigator 2008 NT and now nroute will not connect to my gps giving a "connection broken" error. I can still real time track using Oziexplorer (using the USB/PVT options) so connections with the satellites are fine. I have pretty much done everything to correct USB drivers and the like to no avail.
Nroute itself simulates well, the programme is the latest download v2.7.6 and works but it appears that nroute is blocking the connection somehow.
I see that Garmin have released their GPS18 receiver and connection to lap top. I have also heard that Garmin themselves say that the NT versions of their software do not work with nroute any longer despite mapping having nothing to do with the connection. These two facts side by side indicate that I am being rather cynical but has anyone else had the problem?