View Full Version : Magellan Maps for download :)

10th October 2005, 11:25 PM
This isn't quite what you were expecting :D

NZ Maps (http://www.nzgpsmaps.com/Mag.htm) for sale, if you intended to go there and use your Magellan.

Also if you were planning a trip to Israel or Moscow, etc.... (http://www.bicimapas.com.mx/Magellan_World_Maps.htm) these freebies may come in handy :D

I've yet to try them....soon!
I'm not too sure if they work on the Explorist, but there is a converter program for this device, I think??

Anyhow this gives me more incentive to make some of my own maps......just for fun, of course ;)

I've been thinking of heading across to NZ for a holiday one of these days..........Hmmm..........