View Full Version : Clueless about GPS Please Help

31st August 2008, 07:16 PM
Hi, Ive just purchased the special 199.00 Tevion GPS model 4301 product number 7614 advertised at Aldi, Im slowly working it out with the buttons etc, but it didnt come with direct details how to set destinations etc.I just stumble across settings and im getting frustrated as its not as seamless as i think it should be:(
Also I want to add music from my Laptop, I am running Vista, and it doesnt seem to like it, it asks for Active sync and says device isnt compatible with Windows media player 11, and needs active sync installed, and says driver is out of date it needs driver update???where I cant seem to find or understand this process anywhere, Could someone Please help me in Laymans terms for a very confused clueless pretty face:)

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14th September 2008, 06:21 PM
Hi Clueless,

If you jump over a couple of thread to "Aldi Special - Tevion GPS' there is about 240 posts that will give you heaps of info. Good luck.