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30th September 2008, 01:15 PM
Hi all
I need th help of a computer guru. My old laptop on which I had all my mapping including city navigator 7 and all my tracks etc died. I have bought a new computer, but my question is do I need to now go and buy another copy of CN? Is there some way of reinstalling it somehow. I am devistated that I lost al my tracks etc, but was hoping I didnt need to go a buy another copy of cn7 th rub salt into the woulnds. Any help or ideas would be appreciatd.

30th September 2008, 01:22 PM
did you get a Computer repair shop to try to transfer the data to the new computer?

30th September 2008, 03:21 PM
Your original Garmin unlock codes will work on the new pc as well. I have my City Navigator installed on both my desktop & laptop pc's and can send maps to my gps from either.


30th September 2008, 06:10 PM
You should not have much trouble getting the data of the Old HDD and onto your new computer

Will be a bit harder if it was the HDD that died

Jackaroo :D

30th September 2008, 11:35 PM
harder but potentially possible to remove the platters and install on another HDD but will cost a lot of money if it has to get to this point.

1st October 2008, 12:23 AM
I t goes without saying, always backup you information, a simple lesson that can save more than your hair! and I don't have lots of it. :hatoff
You can save files or go the whole hog and save an "Image" of the disk. There are many free prgs. available to do it.
I know its no help to you now, but maybe for the next time. :goodluck

Two Snakes
1st October 2008, 08:22 AM
Some portable hard drives allow you to image your hard drive. I update mine every couple of months and back up all my data once a month.

Two Snakes

8th July 2009, 02:57 PM
You could also take the drive out and use a IDE adaptor from laptop drive to another Desktop PC to try to get the info off the disk.

That's if the disk is not U/S
Cheers Glenn

8th July 2009, 06:20 PM
A great utility that I use to mirror my hard drive is OzSync (http://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=1314)

To recover your lost data - as others have said, there are free utilities that can be used if the drive is still functioning. Just google Free Disk Recovery to find them.

I used to manufacture disk drives for IBM. I would not recommend taking the drive to anyone who will open up the drive and swap disks. Although this might work, the servo pattern is specific to the individual drive. Also, opening up the drive in anything other than a class 100 cleanroom will doom the drive because the head flies above the disk less than 1/20th the width of a human hair.

It is better to take it to a spe******t with a servo-writer who can drive the head and disk independantly. Typically this person will be the manufacturer of the drive as this requires expensive spe******t equipment. This service is quite expensive.

8th July 2009, 06:40 PM
The first post in this thread by saab463 was back in September 08.
No news since, saab463 how did you go??

8th July 2009, 07:24 PM
Oops, Didn't take any notice of the date. I just found the thread on the New Posts page. Who is resurrecting all these ancient posts?

9th July 2009, 12:23 PM
Oops, Didn't take any notice of the date. I just found the thread on the New Posts page. Who is resurrecting all these ancient posts?When a spammer comes in and adds his posts to an existing thread and then one of the moderators removes his post from the thread it still appears in the New Posts list and confuses everyone - I've been caught myself.