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18th October 2008, 10:44 AM
A PDF on How To by Magellan (http://www.gpstechnologies.com.au/files/magellan/Loading+MapSend+Map+to+Triton.pdf)


Below details care of Triton Forum (http://www.tritonforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=144)

1. Turn on your Triton.
2. Find serial number. There are 2 places where you can find it: View-Settings-About-Version and on a small sticker in battery compartment.
3. Your serial number will look like 0138112345679. If your serial number is not the same, don't be afraid, it's a normal situation.
4. Start your Magellan map product. In my case it's "Topo Canada 1.00g" (I don't know what 'g' means), but it should work with any other product.
5. Mark desired region, name it "Whatever", make all necessary adjustments and set checkbox in region list.
6. In menu select Regions-Upload to GPS...
7. Select "Store on hard drive" option and press "Next".
8. Enter serial number. ATTENTION: Older map products allow to enter 11 digit serial number, and Tritons have 13 digit serial number. So you should skip leading zero and last digit when entering serial number. In my case it'll be 13811234567. In your case it'll be different.
9. Press "Next". If you entering serial number for a first time, then you'll be asked to reenter serial number once again. Otherwise press "Finish" to start detail map creation process.
10. After export is finished you'll be able to find "whatever.IMI" file at "c:\Program Files\Magellan\<Product Name>\Export\Images\" if you installed your product in default location. Or you can just search your hard drive for a file.
11. Now you need to upload your map on the Triton. Triton 300 owners should do that through VantagePoint. Triton 400/500/1500/2000 owners have a choice: You can just copy new map on SD card using SD card reader or you can also upload map using VantagePoint.

How to upload map using VantagePoint:
12. Start VantagePoint.
13. Select "Library" tab, press "Browse" button and then press "Add map" button.
14. Browse to "whatever.IMI" stored by you previously ("c:\Program Files\Magellan\<Product Name>\Export\Images\") and press open.
15. if you didn't upload map using VantagePoint before, then VantagePoint will popup message box requesting connection to your Triton device in order to verify authorization. If authorization fails, then it means that you entered incorrect serial number in your map product. In that case try to export region once again from your map product this time entering correct serial number. If it doesn't help, then you need to upgrade to User 2.0.
16. Now it's time to connect your Triton to PC if you didn't do so already.
17. Change USB mode under View-Settings-Connectivity to "VantagePoint". Screen on Triton will change to "Connected to VantagePoint".
18. In VantagePoint select "My GPS" tab and press "Browse" button.
17. Select "whatever.IMI" on the left and press right arrow button.
18. After upload is finished, close VantagePoint and press Esc button on the Triton to reboot device.
19. After reboot you can see uploaded map in list of maps on your Triton.

And once again Triton 400/500/1500/2000 owners can cut the crap (12-19) and simply copy map to the SD card. But if you cannot see copied map in map list on your Triton, then authorization failed and you entered incorrect serial number.