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18th October 2008, 04:15 PM
I mainly use Co-Pilot Live (6) for a HP iPAQ rx3715 PDA with a seperate (HP) GPS Tracker and though it is reasonable, local knowledge helps it out. We used it in Darwin in April 08 and found it invaluable where I didn't know my way around
However I saw the Tevion advertsided in the Aldi Flyer for $139 (+1% for Credit card).
I was thinking in terms of leaving one in the car for my wife principally which means I can use the PDA with seperate GPS Tracker in the Tank Bag for the Bike.
I have a quick acid test for any GPS I am looking at. That is to check to see if it can find one of my daughter's address near Toowoomba. I had tried several in **** Smith last week and only one (Garmin) had it, the rest were lost. I tried the Tevion out in the Shop and it found the relevent plce which was a start so I now have it home as yet untried on the USB charger. The ones in **** Smiths included Tom Tom, Navman and Garmin at considerably more than $139 (plus 1%)
From the posts there appears to be plenty of complaint so I wont disturb the box contents too much and leave the CD sealed before giving it a try tomorrow. I was less concerned about battery life as it it is intended for use in the car with teh charger.
See how we go.
Watch this space.