View Full Version : My GPS won't turn on???

14th December 2008, 06:28 PM

What a long journey. couldn't wait for my SD card for the new maps to arrive so I used the updater on another XP machine to update to Q4a maps.

Recently I installed the route66 sync and uploaded my voices.. lol... was starting to like the thai female voice.

Anyhow, we have successfully navigated a couple of times with the new voice. Now the GPS won't turn on, I turn it on and see the globe with the progress bar going back and forth and then it hangs and that's it. I have tried resetting a number of times and also re-charging to no avail. I can't even connect to the pc to re-install as it does not boot into the main screen Activesync does not pick up that it is a mobile device.

Looks like I might be calling on that 12 month warranty unless someone knows a fix.



15th December 2008, 06:31 PM
Rang up Tempo today.. not much ****** help.

Lady told me to drain the battery and recharge again. Guess what? go on.... it still didn't work.

She said if it doesn't work go back to Aldi to get an exchange or refund. Bugger I hope there's still one for exchange.. hmm I suspect the chances of that are narrow.

Oh well so much for me expedition to the GPS world.