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28th November 2005, 06:17 AM
Just an FYI for anyone using GPSGate to split COM data between different programs using Garmin GPS's (and maybe others).

Yesterday I found (after much frustration), that GPSGate must be closed before GARMIN mode is enabled on the GPS to upload or download waypoints/tracks/routes to the GPS.

GPSGate works fine when communicating in NMEA (moving map), however for some reason ozi could not communicate with the GPS when GARMIN was selected and GPSGate was running. It does not make any difference what baud rate is used.

Perhaps someone with a more technical understanding could explain why this is?

28th November 2005, 06:32 PM
Hi TuffRR,

I'm reading your question, and kinda can't make it out 100% ??

Are you using GPSGate while in Garmin mode?

According to the GPSGate website, it seems as though the Garmin USB input gets converted to NMEA??
Not having access to either GPS or app, I'm only going on the GPSGate description in a pdf............

GpsGate supports NMEA and Garmin USB as input and creates virtual serial ports for each GPS enabled application. The virtual serial port supports NMEA.

From those lines, I assume that the "Garmin" input gets converted to NMEA output!?!?

You could try an experiment!

Use GPSGate, and Ozi.........set the GPS to Garmin USB output, or whatever it's called, and set Ozi to recieve NMEA.
see if that works??

Did I read your question/FYI right?

29th November 2005, 05:58 AM
Kinda close. ;)

My Garmin GPS is a GPS III, made well before the days of usb communication. It uses the standard 9 pin com to communicate.

Apparently, when the GPS is in GARMIN mode, it does not output in NMEA but rather a proprietary format. From your quote from the GPSGate documentation it appears that GPSGate supports NMEA but perhaps not this proprietary format.

I wonder why? I would have thought that if all GPSGate is doing is mirroring the com input to a virtual com port then it wouldn't matter what format the input data is.


30th November 2005, 10:39 PM
I would have thought that if all GPSGate is doing is mirroring the com input to a virtual com port then it wouldn't matter what format the input data is.

There must be more to virtual com port than meets the eye!
I thought that's what a virtual com port/splitter was doing too!

but my understanding of what GPSGate is doing is converting the Garmin input to Serial output??
I'm probably wrong, but that's what they seem to be implying with

"GpsGate supports NMEA and Garmin USB as input"


The virtual serial port supports NMEA

Have you tried to connect to the virtual serial port with Hyperterminal, to read the "output" format?
tried the GPSr (in Garmin mode) -> via GPSGate (set to NMEA output) -> into Ozi (set input to NMEA, not Garmin mode)?

I do have a vague recollection of a particular Garmin model not having NMEA output at all only Garmin mode! (that was fixed in a firmware revision)
That would explain the existence of a Garmin mode to Serial converter, like GPSGate.

You got me curious now.