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16th January 2009, 03:53 PM
hi, people
Despite being an Electronics Engineer, I am the "old generation".
I got myself a GPS though (Aldi's PWM-3501) only recently, and... I was quite happy with it - small, compact, reasonably precised.
The problem started when I took a trip South from Queensland a few days ago. The GPS worked beautifily, warning me of the RL/HS cameras, slow-downs, etc.
but... in Taree, NSW, it... stopped its advices!!
I tried to reset it, to reload it with my laptop, tried again and again and again...
I was on the road, some 700km from my place - the ****** thing refused to get to work.
A day later, I got to friends of mine and called the 1300..... Tevion Help Centre. They'ere supposed to start at 8.30AM so I was 1st in line but was told:... nobody at the office. The same for the next 102 times when... I was being put... in a que!?!
That took another 15 min but... I was finally connected to the... Support Technician.
After listening to me he finally decided that... he could not do anything for me - I had to... re-set the GPS with the CDs provided when I purchased the unit!!
That's great!!
I do have my laptop with me but... I never thought of taking the GPSs software with me - why would I??
Long story making short:
- reasonble GPS it is, worth of the money perhaps ($129) but... take a computer with you on a trip, take all the software with you too, take also all the anti-stress tablets you might have!!
-So sorry that you do not have a lap-top! - bad luck!!
Consequently...just try the old-fassion I-might-get-lucky-this-time approach!!

Why the hell did you buy the GPS for Aldi in the first place???
So... frustrated (12000 km from home!!)