View Full Version : Navman Smart ST 2005 changes?

27th December 2005, 08:01 AM
Firstly, I hope everyone here had an excellent Christmas and Santa gave you plenty of GPS goodies :)

I own a Navman PiN 360 with Smart ST v3.0 and was wondering if anyone has upgraded from v3 to v2005. Specifically I'm interested in what changes have been made, and how up to date are the maps (eg is the M7 in Sydney included?)



17th January 2006, 06:49 AM
Hi Spectre,

I just had a look for the M7 on my PiN 570 with Smart ST 2005,
and unfortunately the M7 doesn't appear to be included.

I couldn't tell you much more about map accuracy in Sydney,
But Brisbane maps seem to be fairly accuate from what i've been
seeing in my travels.

Brian Bradnell :)

17th January 2006, 10:49 AM
Hi Spectre,

I upgraded from v2 to v2005. v2 did not have the trip planning capability that v2005 has (and I think also v3 has), and also being able to load my own custom POIs is good. I like these features. :)

Also, the graphics of the interface have improved since v2, but I have found that v2005 seems to have a few bugs in it and fairly regularly sends you on a route that is not really the shortest/quickest. :confused:

If you set a destination from your contact list, and you go through the search dialog because it can't find the address in its database, once you select an Area, it wipes out the rest of the address details and you have to type them in again. If you didn't remember what they were, this can be a pain. (I hope this makes sense). :(

v2005 also seems to be very memory hungry, and you can't really have any other apps running on your PDA at the same time (You could with v2).

Overall, some of the new features are good, but I don't think you should upgrade yet. Wait until some of the bugs have been ironed out first.


29th January 2006, 01:39 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll wait until the 2006 version is out :)


18th April 2006, 07:47 PM
Was told by Navman new version would be out by July.
Renno (waiting as well)