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8th February 2009, 07:56 AM
I have a question for the tech heads amongst us. I want to add text attachments to waypoints that I down load onto my HN from Oziexplorer. Adding the attachment to the waypoint (using Notepad) and then loading the file onto HN is the easy part. My problem is that HN isnt capable of reading the attachment.

What I would like to do is load a program (maybe Notepad) onto the HN and set it up to open when the "open attachment" option on the waypoint is pushed. Does anyone know if this is possible.

I have asked this same question to HN technicial advise and was given the following responce-

"Adding attachments to a waypoint can only be done with the full PC version of OziExplorer. The navigating device must then be capable of running the programs necessary to open the attachments i.e. a word processor, spread sheet or image viewer etc. Usually, this would be a lap top running OziExplorer.
While the Navigator does have an image viewer, it can not run this program at the same time as it is running OziExplorer."

They didnt gave me any other options as to opening the attachment, which is fair enough I suppose so I thought I'd ask the question here.