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4th January 2006, 05:42 PM
Hi all,

I'm playing around with the Explorist 600 at the moment and have finally got it sort of talking to Oziexplorer. I can now send and receive waypoints alright but I can't work out how to get it to talk on the moving map part. With my old Garmin eMap I know I had to change to NMEA and have tried the three protocols in the 600 but it still says Error opening com port and cannot initialise communications.

The eMap was sooo much easier to configure and setup to do this!!

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? And can they help me!!

4th January 2006, 09:07 PM
Error opening com port?

What comport is the explorist using?

Did you use the Magellan supplied USB driver?

From memory(sorry I don't own an explorist :o ), there could be a device listing under "modems" in the Device Manager :confused:
As well as the USB device.

Use USB NMEA mode, (NMEA Data Comms) and there should be an associated com port ?? Once you have found this, it should be automagicall configured to communicate at the correct settings.

This should be similar to a virtual com port when using a USB-Serial adapter.
Mine ended up on Com4 (I think anything above com3 is a virtual com port)

You may find the neccessary info under the modems heading, if the explorist is listed there.

In my experience with the Meridian, I set the Baud rate of the com port to 19200, as some programs wouldn't connect any faster!
Ozi worked OK up to 115200.
DAST doesn't care what setting you have, it will only communicate at 1 Baud :rolleyes:

If you need help there is a site I got this info from(which I'll re-discover soon!), I only saved the text (some time back), and I don't have an explorist to do some experimenting!

Set the explorist to NMEA data com, look for the device in Device Manager, and check it's properties there..........


The Explorer
5th January 2006, 07:39 AM
Hello - the probelm is that you are not selecting the correct com port within the OziExplorer configuration ie File - Configuration - COM. What I did was start at com 1 and worked my way up. It may pay to turn OziExplorer of and on again each time you get an error message as it may not reset properly when you change com ports to try. Mine is now set at com 5...though I assume every PC will be different. It is not obvious what port is in use - as Mr King pointed out the com port in use should show up as a Modem in your sysytem device manager ...apparently (never looked myself) its states here what com port is in use. Despite advice to the contary I wouldnt bother changing baud rate to anything above "standard" (4800). From what I can figure there is nothing to be gained by having it set faster for NMEA communications (but I could be wrong)...and sometimes faster rates result in errors.


The Explorer
5th January 2006, 07:52 AM
and upon further consideration - do baud rate settings have any effect on usb devices anyway?


5th January 2006, 08:14 AM
and upon further consideration - do baud rate settings have any effect on usb devices anyway?


From what I read, the explorist is set at "x" baud rate and you can change it using the Secret Menu [40] or [41] (can't exactly remember).
Somewhere in there is a setting for NMEA type, and baud rate.
My understanding is once you set the baud rate, eg @ 19200, then the explorist will work at that rate, always :confused:

Easy access to 'Secret Menu', is by pressing [Menu] and then using the arrow pad(or stick) right, left, right, left combination.

To exit the secret menu just [ESC].


5th January 2006, 05:18 PM
G'day Strider

I have the Explorist 500, similar problem to what you described. Eventually mine settled on com 5

It seems to confuse itself (or me) because it is a USB conection in reallity and its looking for a com port, not qiute sure what I did to make it settle on com 5 other than keep on going through what it seemed to be asking me to do.

None of this may be of any help whatsoever :D but then again one never knows :rolleyes:

cheers dave

6th January 2006, 05:24 PM
Hi all,

Just to let you know that I have finally managed to get the comms happening - after reading all of the tips given above. Turns out the GPS wants tobe on COM6 (found out through System icon). I have bluetooth serial ports on the lesser com ports and a USB-Serial adaptor on com2!!

All is good although Magellan does seem to make things a bit more difficult than the Garmin units I have used in the past, especially waypoint management!! I run Ozi on my home laptop and work has a licensed copy on my work laptop. I deal with around 230 waypoints at the moment (always increasing) and to initially setup with the latest waypoints to the Magellan is pretty involved. (I have the waypoints in about 8-10 different categories so it had to be done 8-10 times!!

Of course I could load all the waypoints in one file but it is easier when working with radio path ****ysis to have only the radios that you can possibly see from where you are at!!

On the positive side though, my old Garmin unit could only have one set of waypoints loaded at once and now the Magellan allows me to have it set exactly how I want!!