View Full Version : PRN30 on my Magellan

7th January 2006, 10:14 PM
I may be wrong, but I have never seen a PRN (sat number) any higher than 29!
(Of course I am referring to Magellans only).

Garmins report the satellite numbers differently I think, not too sure how or what they report Space Vehicle Number??
I have seen Garmin sat numbers at 40+, and you won't see those numbers on a Magellan, except the high 137 and 129 PRN's for WAAS.

I thought Magellans couldn't recieve from a PRN higher than 29 :confused:
I don't know why, I think I read this somewhere??
Can anyone else confirm they have seen a PRN >29 previously?

And while on the sat topic, I heard there is a new PRN17 (don't know the sat name/number) and it was supposed to give a stronger signal.
I've been tracking it for some hours and it seems worse than all the other sats in terms of signal quality!

Oh well!
Whatever! :rolleyes: