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11th January 2006, 07:03 PM
Ok, here's the GPS enthusiasts worst nightmare...

Over xmas I went on my first ever overseas trip which happened to be in China. I was eagerly tracking all the places I went within the city and country areas with my e600, and looking forward to getting back to Aus and see all the places I had been...

Stupid stupid stupid me started up the old eXplorist one morning and jumps in a cab whilst it's still acquiring some sats. I placed it on the rear parcel shelf to help it 'see' the sky as we drive along. Then quickly we pull up and jump out of the cab... hay! wait my GPS is on the parcel shelf!... too late the cab is off and around the corner with no way of ever tracking him down. Bummer (and a few more words not expressible here)...

Anyway... my question is this. I had just bought DAST topo off our trusty store man here, naturally the SD card was also in the unit and gone forever...

When I first got the unit I copied the contents off the DAST topo SD card onto my hard drive then onto a blank SD card to see what happened. The new SD card didnít work in the GPS so I just erased it and continued on as normal.

I have contacted Magellan and explained this situation hoping they would help me out with a replacement of the DAST topo software. To put it bluntly they kinda said stiff sh#t... oh well it was worth a try.

I have the entire contents of the DAST topo SD card sitting in a folder on my desktop... after I save enough to buy a replacement eXplorist is there any way to make it work in the new Magellan?

11th January 2006, 08:02 PM
I hope so?? :confused:

I did exactly as you did! :D
(for the same reasons, and just in case the SD card got damaged??)

There should be a way, but I haven't succeded........yet!

Did you call the cab Co. ?

Was it insured?

Pray for the return of the E600!

11th January 2006, 08:16 PM
In China they are all private cabs unfortunately Arthur. They donít have radio communication, there is no central depot and there was nothing to identify him by...

Travel insurance... what a great idea in hindsight :(