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22nd June 2005, 10:18 AM
Hi All,

This is a post that I put on AULRO, have put it here as well for some others opinions.

Being able to read a map isn't an issue for me but the co-pilot read SWMBO has all sorts of trouble navigating the refidex let alone trying to work out where she is or going. I have always used a Eagle explorer handheld unit as a backup to topo maps and in the boat, but it is about 8yrs old now and only shows plot trails and lat long etc.

Of recent times I have started to see some neat setups with PDA's and nav software in cars allowing voice prompting and download upload to PC abillities, this I though may be a great idea for the boss as all she needs to do is enter the destination and follow the instructions, which will be fine by her as long as its not me giving them :rolleyes:

So who is using this sort of system round town or even in the bush with topo overlays etc and how do you find them for accuracy etc

Given the price these are getting down too they seem to be a very attractive item. I saw a ACER pda with intergrated gps and copilot live nav s/ware for $745 at our IT wholsaler.


22nd June 2005, 10:31 AM
Hi seqfisho,

A PDA with copilot, destinator or similar routing software is great around town, and once you get out of town, switch off copilot and start Oziexplorer CE for the topographic mapping. These programs serve different purposes, so it's worth while having both.

You don't have to buy a PDA with an integrated GPS, you could use an external GPS connected to your PDA via serial/usb/bluetooth etc, which opens up a wider range of PDAs available to you. I believe your Eagle Explorer has an NMEA 0183 output, so you could use that. The PDA only needs the most basic information from the GPS to drive the routing/mapping software.

2nd July 2005, 06:38 PM
Make up a PC for the 4x4, I'm doing a Celeron 433 with 256 meg RAM, small motherboard with everything on board (bits from my cupboard or cheap to buy secondhand).

Place it in the centre console or overhead console, 12 volt DC power supply ($125) and an 8 inch touch screen ($315 & most expensive bit). OziExplorer for moving maps, USB GPS ($125).

Very cheap without the mounting hassles of a laptop.

Putting the finishing touches on mine now, will post a link to my web site in the next few weeks with photos and how to.


8th July 2005, 09:57 PM
I'm with you bayvu,

Though I already own a Notebook, so I have gone with a basic USB GPS. I will be mounting the lappy as soon as I can and will post some photos of the project. :D

10th July 2005, 07:51 AM
12 volt DC power supply ($125)

Hi bayvu

Can I ask you where you got the power supply from and what model it is