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  1. TwoNav Aventura "Second Generation" released

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    CompeGPS have released a newer version of the Aventura that is more waterproof, better case design, louder speaker and brighter screen. Looks the same, same green/brown colour scheme and same battery, cradle, cables etc etc. The only physical difference is that the battery cover has changed and will not fit on the "First Generation" Aventura. They figured that water ingress through the battery compartment was an issue, albeit rare and made significant changes with it which means a
  2. What does Garmin mean by Lifetime map updates? Is Navman and TomTom any different?

    I had a customer tell me that Garmin's Lifetime Map Update meant 3 years. In theory this could be regarded as pretty much correct as electronic devices may only last that long on average, however Navman think it is at most 4 years. However, the Garmin excerpt below states exactly what they mean and if Garmin so chooses it could be even less.

    Garmin Australia recently stated that they are moving from Sensis Whereis maps to Navteq maps. By the way, Navteq use to be the company and product, ...

    Updated 12th November 2013 at 12:58 PM by Nicko