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TwoNav Aventura "Second Generation" released

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CompeGPS have released a newer version of the Aventura that is more waterproof, better case design, louder speaker and brighter screen. Looks the same, same green/brown colour scheme and same battery, cradle, cables etc etc. The only physical difference is that the battery cover has changed and will not fit on the "First Generation" Aventura. They figured that water ingress through the battery compartment was an issue, albeit rare and made significant changes with it which means a new AA battery holder has to be designed; yet to be manufactured. Only about 10% of sales had an AA battery kit, with 5% after a second standard battery. Other changes are the design of the boots that cover the SD card slot and USB port. Better placement of the back screws with some additional ones for added proofness.

The screen is clearly brighter outside of daylight but I will check daylight viewability tomorrow. as for the speaker, much much louder, I can see they have changed the speaker setup, meaning the speaker opening no longer has a white waterproof membrane. Wether or not they used polproylene or not in the first version it seems they have worked out a way to have the speaker visible and retain waterproof rating.