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Magellan Explorist 110 - new model competes with Garmin head on

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The Magellan rep walked in today to show me the new Magellan Explorist 110, a low cost feature rich model that I think will give Garmin a run for it's money and possibly the shake up Garmin has needed to stop their price gouging of Australian buyers. However, until someone introduces multiple models or be innovative that do affect Garmin's sales Garmin will continue to do as they please.

If the Magellan Explorist 110 is anything to go by I think Magellan are aiming to retake and surpass the market share they have had of past.

So lets look at the specifications:

General Specifications:
2.2" LCD colour screen
4 buttons and 1 toggle
compact design based on the GC model
World basemap
Paperless Geocaching
Waterproof IPX7
18 hours on 2x AA batteries
500MB user memory (waypoints, tracks, routes, geocaches but not maps*).
NMEA output through USB
Suspend Mode (turns screen off but continues to record your track).
Dimensions: 56mmx111mmx36mm
weight: 147g
display resolution: 320x240 (same as Garmin Dakota and eTrex)

* The Australian web site says it does but the USA site says it doesn't allow extra maps. I believe no Explorst 110 accepts additional maps just like the Rep said. However, I will follow it up to see if the USA unit is different to ours.

Data Specifications:
see at end of post

To quickly show you the detail of the map outside the city I have taken screen shots of Navteq (Garmin Topo & TwoNav Topo), OzTopo, OSM and the Basemap on the Explorist 110. Be aware Garmin Topo and Oztopo are $229, so take that into consideration.

If anyone has the 1:25K of this area please email a screen shot please. Also anyone with a 610 bought with the Navman map (purchased from a major retailer in the past 3 months) and one with the DiscoverAUS Streets and Tracks Topo V4, a snap shot would be appreciated.

Now, what I do want to say is that all 4 have all streets of every city and town in Australia, thus all can show you around those areas with no problem. However, unless the basemap is not updateable like the Explorist 110 isn't updateable, you will find after a number of years discrepencies that may affect how you get to your destination within the city, in particular new tunnels or highways. However, the rep said maps cannot be added and yet the web site says it can so we will wait to see if their current map can be segmented into a smaller map to fit on the GPS' 500MB. Maybe someone could create OSM for Magellan Explorist?

But, I don't want you to immediately shake your head with negative thoughts because I did at first then realised I was being too critical, way too critical.

For a GPS to have all the streets of the world........ well, actually not the whole world.. the Western Countries prior to the Berlin Wall as a guide at the price given, it is brilliant! It has Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Germany (all), Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway and Finland. All other countries are major roads and major highways with POIs such as Airport, cities, major towns, railways, large parks, universities and other local important structures.

I thought at first that this data was OpenStreet map (OSM) but no, so at the moment I am not sure of the origins of the data.

So, for a GPS with such an excellent mapset what price would you expect? Well, let's not forget OSM for Garmin which even though is not an official Garmin map product it is free to download and has more streets worldwide. But what is it that makes it a better option (if at all) to a Garmin Etrex 10, Etrex 20 or the Dakota 10? Or even the Magellan 310 and 410?

These maps are ideal for national and international travellers, even with no small tracks data, track data and routes can be added for a particular location.

Well if I said it is the same price as the Etrex 10, a none mapping unit what would you say then? At $149 RRP it is a bargain!! Hey, just don't even look at the Etrex 10, it's officially not worth buying..... not until they drop the price to $89 that is.... Okay, even for $49, a kids christmas present maybe, say goodbye to the Garmin Etrex 10 it's days are done.

What gripes have I got about the Magellan Explorist 110? The joystick is too stiff, the lack of upgrading maps, and as usual by both Garmin and Magellan the major dirt road or minor highway zoom level is way too low to pan. But for $149 RRP the price makes me forget those two issues very quickly. Well done Magellan!

Score: 9/10

Australian Web site location:
For more details and manual go to the USA site:

  • Product Number CX0110SGXNA


  • Dimensions (English) 2.2" x 4.4" x 1.4"
  • Dimensions (Metric) 56mm x 111mm x 36mm
  • Weight (English) 5.20z
  • Weight (Metric) 147g
  • Battery Type 2xAA
  • Battery Life 18 Hours
  • Waterproof IPX-7
  • Available User Storage 500 MB/Not Applicable for extra maps
  • CPU 233MHz
  • Temperature Range (F) 14F to 140F
  • Temperature Range (C) -10C to 60C
  • Suspend Mode Yes
  • Internal Memory 2 GB


  • Display Resolution, WxH QVGA, 240 x 320
  • Screen Size 2.2"
  • Display Type Color, Transflective

GPS & Sensors

  • GPS Accuracy Up to 3-5 meters
  • High-Sensitivity GPS SiRFstarIII™
  • Antenna Type Multidirectional Patch

Mapping & Navigation

  • Preloaded Maps World Edition
  • Points of Interest Yes
  • Vertical Profile Yes
  • Area Calculation Yes
  • Hunt & Fish Calendar Yes
  • Sun & Moon Information Yes
  • Coordinates Systems & Datums Yes
  • Audible Proximity Alarms Yes

User Generated Content

  • Accepts GPX Files Yes
  • Waypoints 500
  • Routes 25
  • Geocaches 500
  • Legs Per Route 25
  • Paperless Geocaching Yes
  • Tracks 10
  • Points Per Track 5000
  • User Data Online Sharing Yes

Interface & Communications

  • Communication Protocol USB Mass Storage
  • USB Port Yes
  • NMEA Output Yes
  • PC Compatible Yes

Maps are:
Garmin topo V3, TwoNav Topo V3
OzTopo V4
OSM Feb 2012
Explorist 110 Feb 2012
100K ...who knows when
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