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Why Magellan GPS now suck for retailer and customer? My Rant!

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Although I often complained that the prices for Magellan products under the helm of Next Destination (AKA Magellan Australia & PHM) the move to distribute it through an IT Disto by Mitac was and is a bad move. Why?

From a s p e c i a l i s t point of view two reasons.

1. I would have to compete with people who sell l.T gear such as HD enclosures, LCD screens, MP3 players, printers etc.

2. Such companies get special pricing because they buy all IT equipment from the disto and thus buying power is the winner. Unless I buy 6 figures worth of gear I won't get discount thus I won't sell their product.

From a customer's point of view?

1. No way in the world are you going to get the expertise, the support or the longevity out of your Magellan like you did with Next Destination. Next Destination had a GIS guy developing the excellent maps, now, well all you are going to see is a hash up of what was originally an ongoing developed product.

2. The poor quality of the Triton screwed Magellan (and ND for that matter) and with my personal experience with the new Explorist series the failure was no fluke.

You only have to go onto and see for yourself that the cheapest Magellans are from IT shops. But is price a mitigating factor for buyers? Yes, as our poll indicates a large proportion of you think so, and if it weren't online purchases would not be as high as it is. So all of your favourite stores who have the years of experience in GPS products will realise it's just not worth promoting these products because that's all they will be doing, promoting and not selling.

This is why I don't sell TomTom, because it's through an IT disto who offers them to an IT dealer that can sell them 6-10% cheaper than I can buy them from the same supplier.

But the pricing structure doesn't end locally because internationally prices are cheaper than in Australia, no matter which GPS manufacturer you buy from. Okay some are on par but many are clearly price gouging. Even with the strong Aussie dollar the prices to dealers do not match prices to dealers overseas. When a manufacturer quote extra costs including GST, well sorry but USA and UK have taxes as well you know! Freight is not from those countries they are always freighted from the factory in Taiwan and is cheap freight at that to Australia.

Maybe you are one of these customers that buy from stores such as DSE or Harvey Norman. That's fine, just don't expect a GPS s p e c i a l i s t to show you how to use it or give any support, you don't deserve it. As one of my competitors says to me, harsh but understandable, "If you don't like my prices or training charges for your GPS then there is the front door". But he does ocassionally use course language just to make the point heard loud and clear. That I don't condone but I understand the frustration.

On one ocassion I had a "gent" pull up in his new Sahara Landcruiser, walk in and say "Do you know how to operate this GPS?" .... Even though I looked at my 2000 Magna then at his car and gold watch and rings, I was polite, I said "no".

Another competitor in Sydney have a policy of charging as well and do often have the same problem when they quote $65 per hour. This is not an unusual figure and a fair figure to give you the one on one training you are after. Put it another two ways. Can you go into Harvey Norman and spend an hour with the sales rep to get training? If you owned your own business would you give free training?

The crux of the matter is

When your favourite GPS s p e c i a l i s t dealer won't budge on his prices, when he quotes $65/hr or goes red in the face when you mention Magellan or Garmin, understand it's not his fault he is getting screwed!
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  1. CADManager's Avatar
    For what it's worth, here's my personal experience with the new regime for Magellan products in Australia:

    First, a little history...
    Almost a year ago now, I tried to purchase DAST for my recently acquired Magellan eXplorist XL, having found the shipped basemap inadequate to my needs. After receiving the Triton version from Next Destination (via a Sydney/East Coast GPS retailer), with the changeover from ND at that time I was unable to obtain the product in the correct format and my purchase price was refunded.

    [As an aside, the shipped product bore no way of identifying whether the contents was Triton/eXplorist format without destroying the packaging in order to get at the SD card (label), so the retailer cannot possibly be blamed!]

    And then...
    Having discovered on this forum that Mitac/NavMan (Sydney) are now supporting Magellan, I got in touch with them to see whether DAST could still be obtained. Being a weekend, I submitted my query through NavMan's website, and obtained an out-of-office autoreply assuring me I "will receive a response within 2 business days". Well, that was back on Sat 4th Feb, and guess what - still no response!

    Apart from the lack of service (is it because the query is Magellan related?), the NavMan website announces:
    "Magellan has a long history of over 20 years in Australia, and up until recently has been distributed through a company called Next Destination. Late in 2008, Mitac International, the parent company to Navman acquired Magellan. This gives NAVMAN a leader in In-Car GPS Navigation for many years, now the opportunity to spread its wings and enter into the exciting Outdoor GPS category, by supporting the Magellan brand here in Australia."
    Apparently, that "opportunity" is nothing but marketing spiel (at least in this instance)! Or is $250-$300 worth of my business simply not worth the effort to them?

    And so, over the last month, I've been compiling my own maps by way of MobileMapper Office software, and publicly available data (from OpenStreetMap and the Commonwealth Government). Those that I need are now almost complete, and when finished, will be shared on this forum.

    Poor show, NavMan, very poor show indeed.

  2. Navman Support's Avatar
    Hi CADManager,

    I represent Magellan and I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received a response. May I ask what email address you submitted your query to?

    If you send me a private message with your name and contact number, I will ask one of our Magellan team to contact you directly in relation to your question.

    In the meantime, is there anything else I can help you with?

    Kind Regards,
    Magellan Support