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    Holux joins the Smart watch fray with the Wearable Lifestyle WRL-8100.

    The name and model number is well, not romantic or expressive, even so, it does the job and Holux have always been expressing themselves well with their product range. The Wearable Lifestyle WRL-8100 is it's full name and model number, but I will just stick to the model number to save on keyboard wear and tear. Based on ARM Cortex-M0 processor, supports both Android and Apple devices with the Lifestyle App which can can help users track the effectiveness of workouts; and provides a n a l y s i s and management of physical conditioning on a cloud platform server. It is designed for people who want to keep healthy, motivated, and well-informed, using the latest fitness-oriented technology. It has a wealth of great fitness features, including the ability to continuously check userís heart rate with its built-in sensor, as well as daily steps, calories, and all kind of activity recording.

    I will be asking for a unit to play with and see what I can divulge from it.

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