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  1. Best GPS handheld for Marine use (plus car nav)

    I've been looking at the Garmin Colorado 400c as GPS handheld. I need a GPS for boat use (charts is a bonus and the 400c comes with Aussie charts) but I'd also like it to double as a car nav when I'm off the boat.

    For the boat I would like:
    - waterproof
    - waypoint/route stuff (preferably with VMG (Velocity Made Good) displayed)
    - chart display
    - download/upload of data to PC
    - compass
    - barometer

    For the car:
    - route navigation
    - voice directions

    I think the Colorado has all of the above except voice navigation, can anybody suggest what else I should consider?

    Thanks v much

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    Oregon 300 or the TwoNav Aventura when it comes out in 2 months time
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  3. Note sure if it matters but only the GPSmap 76 Series (eg 76Csx) units actually float if dropped in the drink. Others will sink like stones... This series has identical functionality to GPSmap 60 Series - just a slightly larger form factor (although screen size is near identical).

    Of course this has to be balanced against the higher resolution screens and more powerful processors of the newer Oregon & Colorado units...

  4. Having had both a Colorado 300 and a Oregon 300, Id take the Or any day of the week.

    Essentially the same hardware but the Or has a touch screen. Very easy to use one handed, especially whilst driving a car or a boat as I often am.
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  5. I agree with Col 300. I too have had both and would recommend the Oregon 300.

  6. Good stuff guys - that's really helpful.

    Probably won't be buying for a month or two, so may hold out to see the TwoNav.

    Floating is a good thing, obviously, but I think I like the idea of the higher resolution screen of the Oregon. I see it comes with a carbiner, so I guess I just need to keep it clipped on to a lanyard at all times!


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