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    For those considering purchasing TechrificWay GPS Software

    Hi All,

    For those considering purchasing the local version of NNG iGO MyWay 8, you may be interested my experiences I have been a long time user of GPS software for PDA devices and decided to look around the market for new software given the extravagant claims, lack of support and general contempt for their customers by my current software vendor. I'd read good things about NNG iGO and after a bit of research on the net decided it was the one. I contacted NNG in Europe about the availability of Australian maps for iGO and was informed by NNG support, "Nav N Go iGO 8 Australia is available at Techrific." I contacted Techrific and asked a number of questions, but most importantly was this the real deal or just a local derivative. I was assured it was the genuine article, the same as that available from NNG in Europe. I then asked if I could see a demonstration of it working and was referred to a reseller in Melbourne. The demonstration was disappointing, the reseller wasn't even able to get it to run. I left, leaving a number of questions to which I wanted answers and said I would continue my research on the Net. There were a number of features I quite liked, maps were up-to-date and reinforced my view iGO8 was the leading GPS software at the moment. A few days later i returned to the store and again found the reseller was not able to demonstrate the software running. One of the things that concerned me was the software was supplied on a 2GB microSD card so I said that was no good, no way did I want my phone's memory crippled to less than 2GB (I was currently using an 8GB card which was over 80% full). No problem, I could copy the application onto a larger card the reseller advised. A bit frustrated at their ability or lack of, I decided I'd purchase the software and sort things out myself - it couldn't be that bad, could it? Arriving home with my new purchase the first thing I did was back up the SD card to my computer and copy the software to my larger SD card. Inserted the new card into the phone and the software automatically installed. However, when I went to run the software it wouldn't. Bad feelings starting to emerge so I uninstalled the software and inserted the original memory card. Software installed and ran ok, hmmm. Back to the net, more research to find NNG has an encryption process whereby the licence key is coded specifically to the card supplied as a form of copy protection. Great, so now I'm stuck with a phone that has less than 2GB of available memory when using the GPS. Emails to Techrific, confirmed this. Level of buyer satisfaction starting to decline.

    NNG have introduced a pc-based piece of support software called Naviextras Toolbox. With it you can register your software, receive software updates and patches as well as purchase add-ons etc. I downloaded and installed the software only to find it would not connect to the iGO software on the SD card. More emails to Techrific, replies that don't know what the problem is, it should connect. More fiddling, no success. So I emailed NNG who responded asking for hardware, software and licence details. Next day they dropped the bomb, "TechrificWay is a different product than Nav N Go iGO 8," and as such is not supported by NNG. All this despite repeated claims to the contrary. I am unable to purchase northern hemisphere maps, so when I travel I have to purchase another version of the "same" software. Because of the licence key arrangements there is no mechanism to receive any software updates in the future. If the SD card corrupts, I'm stuffed.

    I sent a copy of NNG's email to Techrific asking for a comment, asking how they planned to support the software in the future. I also said, in my view they and their reseller had totally misrepresented the product and I was not happy about that and wanted to return the product for a full refund.

    To date I haven't received a reply. Funny that. I wonder, is there a GPS software product out there that just works as described in the specs - I'm beginning to doubt it.

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    Hi Nonno,

    Interesting experience, thanks for the detailed description.

    And manufacturers wonder why there is piracy, .... when they cannot bother to fully support their own products?
    John k - Garmin Oregon 300, GPSmap76 & GPS16 plus various WinCe PNDs with OziCe & IGO8

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