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  1. Unhappy POIEdit won't "Save as.."

    I am a newby with this, as I have had TomTom Navigator 6 running on my Dell x51 before this. I now have a Mio Moov 360 as a birthday present. I want to convert some of the POI files that I had in the TomTom for use in the Mio, so I downloaded POIEdit 2007.

    When I use the "File > Save As..." menu to try to save a TomTom .ov2 file as anything other that a .ov2 file I get "extension "csv" of filename does not match selected filetype". What am I doing wrong? How do I save a .ov2 file to use on a Mio Moov 360?

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    I think that the file might have some characters in there that causes POIEdit to have trouble doing a save as.

    If you want to upload the list I can have a look at it for you.

    Otherwise you could use GPS Babel which can also convert from one format to another.

    Thanks Pict
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  3. I have had the .ov2 files running in TomTom for a fair while with no problems, so I can't see how it could be them. Then again, anything's possible!

    Can you tell me which of the formats in GPSBabel suit the .csv format of the Mio Moov? It doesn't list any Mio formats.
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    Have you tried the Navman CSV format? POI Edit has this option and does a 'save-as' fine for me.

    Thanks Pict
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