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    Question streetmaps and shonky concurrently?

    I put on OSM sydney on my unit and it worked then I have downloaded shonky full topo maps and can view them on my Garmin vista - noice, but the osm maps are now gone, and I can no longer see them in the set up maps to select , H E L P.?

    Also - I tried to down load saved tracks that I can see on my unit but mapsource says there are non on the device sen as J drive .

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    You should provide more detail in your question.
    But at a guess you used MapSource to send the tiles of OSM to the GPS.
    When your send a second set (in this case Shonky) it wipes the 1st set.
    You need to select tiles from both mapsets in MapSource & send them in one transfer to the GPS.
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    thanks - I am sure that's it- I sort of assumed I could add sets of maps and select them as sets, but if I can add and remove components that's about the same - I revisted my map selection and it makes sense. - talk about a quick reply....on a friday night

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    sorry to reply to my own post but worked out a work around.
    Using my memory card as a disc drive I kept the garmin folder and created a new folder called maps. Now by renaming the folders one to maps1 etc and the other garmin I can swap between sets. (always keep one as Garmin). I might find this useful one day - not sure, but enables me to have smaller batches of files

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