We are pleased to announce a new Windows® 7, Vista and XP compatible version of Fugawi™ as well as new Facebook® integration for iPhone™

Fugawi Software is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.5.40 of Fugawi Global Navigator and Fugawi Marine ENC software.

Version 4.5.40 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased on or after January 1, 2007 from an authorized Fugawi reseller. To upgrade, click here.

Changes to 4.5.40
- Support for Microsoft® Windows® 7
- Multiple improvements to Navionics chart import procedure [ENC]
- Enhancements to GRIB file weather forecast [ENC], namely:

- Barbs color coded for intensity
- Support added for models with three variables
- Request GRIB enhanced to include more forecast models

- GPS|Settings enhanced so that vessel location from a connected AIS can be detected (own vessel message)

Online Charts Supported in 4.5.40

The following marine charts and topo maps are available for use in Fugawi Global Navigator or Fugawi Marine ENC for direct download from Fugawi X-Traverse

- Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts
- NV.Digital charts of Caribbean and Europe
- Swedish Marine Charts
- Swedish Topographic Maps
- Canadian Topographic Maps
- USA Topo Maps
- Mexico Topo Maps
- Africa Topo Maps
- Hilton's Realtime-Navigator Offshore Fishing Charts

Fugawi with USA Topo Map from Fugawi X-Traverse.com

Fugawi Marine ENC adds support for more GRIB weather forecast models

Fugawi with USA Topo Map from Fugawi X-Traverse.com
Fugawi Marine ENC
Fugawi Global Navigator

Share iNavX with Facebook...

You can now send your iNavX™ tracks, waypoints, and photos directly to your Facebook account with one click. You must own the iNavX app for iPhone™ and have an active Fugawi X-Traverse account.

Simply click here to install the Fugawi X-Traverse Facebook App, then in iNavX use Tracks|Export Tracks|Share with Facebook to send your tracks and photo waypoints to facebook.

Navionics Charts for Mac...

For those using Mac OS X with an intel processor, award-winning Navionics charts are now available via internet download from Fugawi X-Traverse for use with MacENC Ver 7.

This marks the first-ever compatibility of Navionics charts for use with Mac OS-based systems. Once purchased, the charts may be downloaded directly from the internet to the Mac hard drive for use when an internet connection is not available; there are no CF or SD cards required - so no shipping to pay!

Mac users can view their location on Navionics charts, seamlessly pan and zoom, query objects and plot and navigate waypoints.

NOTE: This Navionics direct download product will work exclusively with the computer, running MacENC 7, upon which the chart is activated. The charts can not be copied to a CF or SD card for use in a Navionics supported chart plotter. To use Navionics charts in a dedicated chart plotter, you must purchase the Navionics charts on official Navionics Plug-and-Play media such as CF or SD card.

Caribbean Chart Kits - Paper and Digital for 2009/10...

The NV.Digital series of paper charts of the Caribbean are renowned for their clarity and accuracy. Fugawi X-Traverse is pleased to make these charts available for Fugawi Marine ENC, Fugawi Global Navigator, iNavX, MacENC, or GPSNavX.

With NV Charts you get the best of both worlds - up to date digital charts for direct download to your software and high quality, super brilliant paper chart kits for use at your chart table.

We highly recommend that these charts are added to every vessel going to the Bahamas or Caribbean, even if you currently own charts from another manufacturer. The more chart sources you have on hand to refer to, the safer and more enjoyable your passage or island hopping will be.