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    Which is the best map to use in a mobile phone gps

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    What type of phone? iPhone, Windows mobile, Android, Java?
    What do you want the app to do? on road, off road, Geocaching?

    I have used Garmin mobileXP and TomTom on a Windows moblie type phone for on road use and both work beaut. Garmin has lots of free maps and you can use it off road too. You can get the tomtom app for iPhone and Nokia that I know of....

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    Thanks for that. I am obviusly out of touch with modern mobile phones I did not realise that there were those diferent options.

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    No prob.... a lot of phones that have GPS already have a street navigator pre installed... Just watch it though as you might be using the mobile phones data plan to download the actual map of the spot your on

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