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  1. I have an MY80T after previously owning an S50 and like the MY55T was very disappointed at the manual turn off and turn on. If I had know that I would not have bought the new unit but might have just updated the maps on the S50.

    In my car the windscreen is quite a distance from the driver, so it is difficult to turn the unit off and on.

    I used a Garmin in a hire care the other day - and it turned off and on automatically - so others can still do it.

    I also use a TomTom - and while it does not turn on automatically, it turns off... but goes into a sleep state so it is still draining power. Come back after not using the car for 5 days and it needs to be charged for 20 minutes before it will even turn on.

    Come on Navman, this is pretty simple. You could do it before... why can't you do it now?

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    Dear Mr "Navman Support"....... This feature of NOT automatically turning off when the car is turned off is ridiculous. My S50 as I mectioned earlier was great in this respect. Sleep mode is a waste when it drains the battery. Surely you can provide some firmware update in the next map release. If not, this thing is going in the bin and Im going to Garmin or Tom Tom. Hmmmm the calender says 2012...................

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    Hi all, I represent Navman and I think I can help clarify this issue.

    If you switch it to ‘Off’ you get Lock which turns the screen off but will still provide you instructions if you are on a trip (like power save mode). The Sleep option turns the unit off. You will however still have a negative drain of charge from the battery that will happen. It is at the same speed as setting the unit to ‘RESET’.

    Reset will reset the unit’s software. It will not remove the settings or favourites.

    I hope this is of help.
    Navman Support
    I went through this a couple of years ago - flat battery, and finally figured out that RESET means "off", and OFF means "still on". What peanut designed this? Some new kid out of school with no idea of the real world? While my Navman is excellent, I won't buy another if this isn't fixed.

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