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    Convert TIF to ECW for Oziexplorer


    I have some large maps in TIF format that I would like to convert to ECW so that I can reference them using OziExplorer. Can anyone start me off. Suggest some Internet sites that may cover this or freeware software that may help with conversion?
    I think the TIF files may have come from a MrSids (Tropview) format. Not certain though.

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    I Dont think you need to convert to ECW format just to use in 0zi Explorer.

    Ozi explorer supports tiff files

    If it is just the size of the image you want to reduce, open the image up in any image editor ( I just tried ms paint ) and save the tiff file as a jpeg.

    Hope this helps

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    Oh! OK. I'll take another look. Thanks.

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    The Ozi help file says:

    TIF - The TIF format has many different variations and compression schemes which can be used. This format allows paging from disk so is efficient on memory usage.

    LZW compression - Gives good compression but the use of this compression method requires an expensive license so is not supported.
    Packbits compression - Gives good compression of raster maps with solid colors but does not compress self scanned images very well.

    This is the recommended standard image format to use if the larger file sizes when using packbits compression is not of concern.

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    There is a free plug in for Paintshop and Photoshop for editing ECW files,it's a good format for storing maps but they still uncompress to something like the orriginal size once you open them.

  6. Have you tried the freeware compressor on the ER Mapper website, you are limited to compressing files under 500MB however.

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    Thanks all. I'll take onboard what you have suggested and work through them.

  8. Download the freeware Irfanview viewer and the PlugIns to go with it. The plugins give the ability to save an image as an ECW file, but if your original image has embedded calibration data you will probably lose it, so import into Ozi first.


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