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Thread: UBD maps

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    UBD maps

    Hi all,
    A copy of the 6 Cities UBD street Directory (refedex for the QLDers) on CD has fallen into my hands.

    I'd like to be able to extract the images and calibration data to use with OziE.

    Anyone know how/done this?


    Pete. R.

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    Do you know what format the images are in? If you're lucky, they'll be georeferenced so you can just import them.
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    I have the UBD DVD too and you can get OziExplorer to open the maps direct from the DVD.

    Go to the OziEplorer web site & follow the link to the Australian Page. Part way down the page you'll find a link to "Australian City Streets Version 3 Map Files". This will install the .map files under the Ozi directory & install a new UBD button on the Ozi toolbar.

    It works well, in fact much better than the viewing software included in the UBD DVD.

    Mark T.

  4. UBD Version - 6 Cities on CD

    I have a similar set - these do not include the necessary GPS data imbedded in the files. However, if you purchase the current release of Australian Cities on DVD - Version 3 - these are referenced for use with GPSs. You need a product such as OziExplorer to utilise the maps. The MAP files are available as mentioned by the ealier respondant. Version 3 was released in early December 2003. The DVD is in a predominantly orange DVD case. - it sort of stands out in the map/street directory section of a book store (or elsewhere).

    They work exceptionally well under OziExplorer. And, this set includes Hobart, Darwin and some of the extended areas around places like Sydney.


  5. Ubd

    Woops - Version 3 - December 2005 - not 2003!


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    Thanks for that guys. I'll give the suggested way forward a go.

    Thanks again.

    Pete. R.
    Pete. R.

    SURF'N with OziE

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    I have the UBD maps version 2.1
    These do not work with Ozi, only the latest version 3 does.

    maverick_sr71 wrote
    "A copy of the 6 Cities UBD street Directory (refedex for the QLDers) on CD has fallen into my hands."

    This CD that has succumbed to gravity may not be the latest version 3.

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