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  1. iPAQ312 Error no languages installed

    gday,i was trying to do map update for iPAQ312(no clue what im doing) got the map update thing from H/P site ,started update it failed 1/2way into it and now says " Error there are no languages installed " there are also no maps.
    the Minister for Finance (wife) said we will not buy a new one ,get it fixed.can anyone help ive looked at some stuff on here and im sure i could install things if i knew where to get it and what i needed

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    What is the mapping software installed in your iPAQ312 that you are referring to?
    I do not have a iPAQ312 PDA but if it was a genuine HP update file that did not install correctly I would contact HP support via email with the exact sequence of events and the error message now being displayed... or you might find some info in HP supports troubleshooter section...

    There are some links to other sites with iPAQ312 info in this old thread.
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  3. thx yes i did contact H/P via there (active chat) the tech said i should do go to tomtom site for help?? i dont see how that will help me,
    i cant even find somewhere to restore it back how it was (bugga the updates i just wont it working)
    if i could get a another os running on it i have a copy of igo8 off my mates sd card will have a play with it as its useless atm anyway,cheers

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