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    Talking tempoaustralia

    well a few members of the family and myself have tried them...

    a total waste of time...

    the phone rings and rings or you music holds...

    now email address....well we still waitinf for replies that back to 2009 in the family to the last one in august 2010

    so again

    on several occassions we got info from them it was wrong and out of date
    they did not know
    it was news to them

    The also support ALDI....adli would like to go get its fees back !

    i dont think the commincation is there talent....

    i think if you got an issue take back to seller
    or...except it
    just dont expect much from tempo

    they got to remeber before they smear all over a product box...and manual..they name as support...
    make sure your web site has it listed and is configured for report or registering..
    it took them months to find out they had a aldi 3503...
    and did not believe our docket was correct...?

    may/2010 china supplied these

    thanks madhat

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    Thats a shame about your problems with Tempo, I have been using their services for warranty and general advice for two years now and have not had one problem with them.

    They have always got back to me when they cannot solve the problem on the spot, and my warranty returns have always been smooth and prompt.

    Spoke to Matt at Tempo just last week about a problem with my Tevion GPS 4301 which is about 18 months out of warranty and they still provided help and info about the product and about Route66 software.

    Full marks to them

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