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  1. When we pollute, over farm and ruin the land the evidence is very visible.
    When we pollute and ruin our waterways, again the evidence is very visible.
    Problem is that any damage we are doing to the atmosphere is not as visible.So I guess naturally it's out of sight and out of mind.
    What ever climate model we choose to follow, the recorded data facts are that CO2 and Methane levels are continuing to rise and even if you are a skeptic, nothing can alter that fact.

    I am lucky(Or unlucky) depending on your view to have a brother in law, who works specifically in this field for the BOM. His view is simple. We have already done the damage to the atmosphere. What he and most scientist generally struggle with(Due to the complexity of the issue), is the extent of damage that we will experience over the years.

    I tend to think that any action we take that may help our children in years to come, is worth it.Even if it does cost me a few dollars.

    Well thats my bit.

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    climate change is a very serious issue nowadays around the world..and I must say we all have something to do about it.. we have to start with ourselves and our own home..we have to give much attention to it because its about the future of our planet where we and our next generation live and will be living.
    I'm glad we have a thread like this..

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