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    Updates for Navman S45


    Got a Navman S45 running old maps.

    Does anyone know how I can update these?

    Does anyone know if i can run IGO on this unit?

    ta for any help

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    Got a Navman S45 running old maps.
    Does anyone know how I can update these?
    step 1. Place S45 on your desk.
    step 2. Use it as a paperweight.
    step 3. Go out & buy a Garmin.
    regards Michael

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    IGO8 and Navman

    does anyone know if IGO8 will run on the Navman S45 please?

  4. Updates for Navman S45

    Hello everybodySince we are staying online for another month, as promised, I have started on updates. These updates were long past due, so I hope that you guys enjoy these very much. Please, if you ever have any suggestions, post them in the Community Suggestions category. I love reading suggestions and hopefully any that you post could better the server. If they are good ideas, that many people agree on, then it will usually get added Anyways, these updates have been added to both pkers and pvmers. So, Im not picking sides _ I love you all equally Now, onto the updates:Hand cannon special has been nerfed.Trade prices have been updated for Korasis sword, all the chaotics, dominion sword, and dominion crossbow. So you dont lose them over DharoksSteel titans damage has been buffed.Knights of Saradomin added They drop common accessories: amulet of fury, berserker ring, seers ring, archers ring, dragon bolts e, and junkI hope that you guys enjoy these updatesBethany:

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