Make a Garmin transparent map overlay guide
Hey all,

Just thought I would post up a guide I have made to make a transparent map overlay of tracks you have made. It can go over the top of any map you want to load to Garmin GPS's. It may not work on all GPS, I only test it on a Garmin 62. This is a work in progress. If you need more info on a step I will fix it up. You can get very detailed with the map but I just use it as a reference to find out where I am. The guide should give you all of the steps for the versions of software I am currently using.

Required software
GPSMapEdit (free version will not allow all of the functionality but works fine)
Free cgpsmapper
Garmin mapsource or basecamp.

Optional software
GPS Track Maker

1. Connect your GPS and download and clean up your tracks in mapsource, basecamp or GPS track maker. If they are in .gpx format they have a bit more flexibility if you need to change anything. If they aren't google how to change them.

2. Open GPSMapEdit, File - Add - select all your tracks you want to map a map out of.

3. Zoom into the area where the tracks are drawn so you can see what you're doing. Go to "Edit > Select > All Tracks" and then right click anywhere on a track. Convert To - Polyline - click ok. Select 0x000a Roads unpaved roads. This gave a dotted line in the finished product. Have a play with the type yourself to see what you prefer. cgpsmapper changes the style so what is displayed in gpsmapedit may not be exactly what it will appear on the map.

4. File - Map Properties. Put in the following values.
Type set Garmin
ID: any 8 digit number. I use the date ie 15052011
Map name whatever
Copyright whatever
Elevation I change to metres
Levels tab
Click "Insert Before" once. Cgpsmapper crashes each time I have done anything else.
cGPSmapper tab
I now leave TRE, RGN and TRE margin as is. Change transparency to Y transparent map without background.
Preprocessing: I have tried generalization which has worked ok
Leave other tabs

5. Edit - Unselect. Edit-select-all tracks then hit delete. Now your just left with the polylines.

6. File -Save map as - whatever filename you want, save as type - polish format.
File > Export > Garmin IMG / cGPSMapper.exe.
Save filename as 8 digits
Browse and link to cgpsmapper
Hit run. Hopefully no errors. You now have a transparent IMG.
Close the program.

7. Open sendmap
Click add maps. Select all the maps you want on the GPS including your new transparent map. You have to load them all at the same time, not one by one. On my GPS I can disable maps so only relevent ones are shown. Shonkymaps is always a good one to have.

8. Click "connect" then "upload maps to GPS". Once its all done you should have it all on and ready to go. Don't close any screens unless it says its finished. Shonky maps is massive and takes forever to load on.

Hope this helps someone out.