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    Music while GPSing? - Two Nav Tablet

    I have been trying to get my Two Nav tablet to play music while the GPS is operating. No luck yet. I have tried both on and off road options. I do not want to have music for on road as the car radio will do but when travelling in the bush it'd be nice to have MP3 music from the tablet while the GPS is working. My cheap Chinese import tablet can do this with Ozi. Is there a setting/fix that will allow me to do this with the Two Nav? Muting from within the GPS settings does not help.
    I've been on the Two Nav Forums but my Spanish is not up to scratch (even in the English Forum) to create a query.

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    Forlorn hope but .... bump.
    (the 80 series is not sophisticated enough for bluetooth or ipod etc or any thing fancy along the way of entertainment options)

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    Can't help you with the original question Detectist sorry, I'm usually swinging a detector so hadn't thought about music through the GPS, but for $80 off fleabay I bought for the 60 series a dvd player which I watch through the 7" GPS and it has SD card, USB options and port for a Ipod to connect
    Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.
    Ernest Shackleton

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    thanks gonebush - my last option is to do this too - I just hoped....
    OT -
    Where do you swing (detectorist talk not anything else)?

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    The mighty golden triangle, you?
    Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.
    Ernest Shackleton

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    PM sent.

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