Global Mapper Software LLC is excited to announce the release of Global
Mapper v13.00 at (or
get the 64-bit version at Just download
that file and run it to install v13.00. It will install alongside any
existing Global Mapper version, so you don't have to worry about losing what
you're currently working on.

Among the numerous significant changes in this release are the following:

- Added support for loading ESRI File Geodatabase (GDB) data sets.
- Added support for generating density grids from point features in a loaded
layer. This density grid can be based on either just a count of the point
features or any numeric attribute value associated with the points.
- Added support for joining a file with attributes to the attribute table of
an existing loaded spatial layer against a common attribute.
- Added support for calculating/copying new attribute values made by copying
an existing attribute or performing mathematical operations either between
two attribute values or an attribute value and some number.
- Added option under View menu to zoom to the same location in Google Earth.
- Added new Image Swipe Tool to allow easily swiping away a raster layer to
see other layers in an interactive manner.
- Added option to transform layer coordinates either by a manually specified
coordinate transformation or with a control point file when shifting
coordinates for selected layers from the Control Center in addition to just
shifting a fixed distance.
- Added a new option to the Advanced Feature Creation submenu of the
Digitizer Tool to create lines connecting selected points to selected line
features along the shortest path between the point and any of the selected
- Added option to easily draw rotated area and line rectangles using the
Digitizer Tool through the 3-point draw method.
- Added option to Digitizer Tool to automatically move selected point
features to the nearest point on selected line features.
- Added support for exporting loaded terrain data to SRTM HGT format files.
- Added support for loading SegY format files.

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