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    Magellan eXplorist XL - Software version 2.11

    Hi all,

    Looking at Magellan's website ( It lists revisions 1.05, 1.55, 2.10 & 2.11 for the Explorist XL.

    My "About" screen shows the following:
    eXplorist XL
    c 2006 Magellan
    Rev. 9.1.55 Dec 01 2006

    I've a couple of questions, if there's anyone who can assist:
    • Is it right to assume this is revision 1.55? Is the "9" significant?
    • "Ability to track new WAAS satellites" - is this useful in Aus?
    • Does 2.11 include all previous revisions? Or do the upgrades need to be done sequentially?
    • What about backup in case of failure?
    Is there anyone with an eXplorist XL who has upgraded, or has other than 9.1.55 onboard? Does anyone know the procedure to upgrade?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You didn't need to multiple post the same post we can all see any new posts. Your Qs are relevant to hardware not software as firmware is attached to hardware. I have deleted your exact same post from software forum

    I can answer a few

    1. do not know
    2. not applicable to Australia, only USA and it's states including Hawaii
    3, yes, no
    4. try it and see
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    Hi all,

    Only very new at this, so be kind.

    I have 2 Explorist XLs, and the following might be of some use, might not.

    1.a 1.55 is the revision or version, listed as the Eu software but it is the latest version.
    1.b don't know, but if there was no 9 what would separate 8 & 10?
    2. as per Nicko's response. If you turn it off, depending on location, can improve accuracy and stability.
    3. 2.11 is the North America, Canada hardware/operating system/whatever. My original Aust version stopped working and I thought it had bricked its self, my wife: was in US at the time and tracked down a brand new one in box and brought it home. Identical, turn it on, 9.2.11. Took eons to get a full fix, and during use, would constantly reset itself. Very, very unstable. Also, you lose (I think from my ageing memory), 2 or 3 of your NAV screens. Yep, just clean not there, not a matter of activating them, they just are not included in the 2.11 package. Apparently, the 2.11 version is correlated for, or around, or with, Nthn hemisphere satellites information, so the unit looks for those, yet the 1.55, while they have the Eu descriptor, works so much better, with more features, easier and much more reliably. IMHO 'Don't change'. 1.55 is the one for Au and perhaps it is a typo.

    4. Pop an SD card in the side and see. Keep a copy of 1.55 Eu file handy. But be careful, I have inadvertently erased the base map from the memory of one of my XL's and I'm having a devil of a time replacing it. I have another XL and an Explorist 600, both with Au 1.04 installed but do you think I can get in, or get it out to put in the other XL. Nuh!!
    Next step- angle grinder and oxy!!!

    Good luck with it.

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated. I've kept my eXplorist XL on 1.55, since (for now, at least) I'm only using it in Aus.

    The WAAS satellites were only introduced in one of the 2.xx revisions as I recall, so no problem for me. Perhaps they're causing some of the issues on your XL running 2.11?

    And as for the basemap, can you not extract it using VantagePoint software, and then copy to the other XL? Mine is found in Internal Memory\Background Maps\BASEMAP.mgi, but you probably know that already. Don't resort to the angle-grinder & oxy just yet!


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