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    Forum Chat - Please read before chatting on the chat service


    We have added the chat service for those who need urgent support for their GPS and or computer based GPS software. The chat service is not free except for the first minute to determine if we can assist you in your problem. After the first minute charges start to apply at $5 per 15 minutes. If it is clear we cannot help you within the first minute then there will be no charge. The $5 per 15 minutes will be charged via paypal or by creditcard. There may be a case that we will need to access your computer remotely. This is done by you providing us your email so that we can provide you a link to open and close. When the link is closed we no longer have access to your computer. This is ideal for GPS updates, map installs and demonstrating computer software. This service is often provided by manufacturers to allow a professional to quickly help you that otherwise can prove fruitless.

    The chat service is for the following purposes:

    1. Understanding the functionality of your product
    2. Determining what the fault is with your product
    3. To install updates including Operating Systems, Firmware, map upgrades and new map installs.
    4. Providing details of a repair centre
    5. Request to join when the forum bans you from joining
    6. Inform us of activity not acceptable to the forum such as spam
    7. Forum online shop sales order issues such as forum shop purchase update including Estimated time of delivery, missing parcel or to add to the order. Must provide order number and item purchased.

    The chat service is not for:

    1. Sales issues or enquiries from other shopping sites or business.
    2. Products that are not available in Australia. Some exclusions apply.
    3. Products not relevant to GPS
    4. No name Chinese brands as sold on ebay, Alibaba Express, Chinavasion etc etc.

    When you wish to chat you must provide all of the following information:

    1. What GPS brand and model or software you need support on
    2. If purchased through the online shop the order number and what was ordered.
    3. A brief point on what the problem is.

    Please try to keep the chat civil, otherwise abusing an agent may mean immediate termination of chat and possibly banning from the forum and all other sites associated with us. If charges have been made for the use of the service will not be redeemed/refunded for what has been timed and charged for.

    This chat service has been introduced to try to help you when time is of the essence and you can't find help elsewhere. I hope we can help you to make your life with GPS less frustrating and more productive.

    Nick Heidl
    GPS Australia
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