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    Comparing Zumo 660, Zumo 220, Zumo 350LM & Zumo 550

    These two images are to give some understanding of the difference of the models over the Zumo range. I have not done the Streetpilot series which were used on BMW motorbikes a few years ago. But I will try to get some info to show what Garmin have done over the past decade with these motorbike GPS. The Streetpilot series were not specifically for motorbikes but were adapted to do so.

    What I notice is the Zumo 220 has the same size screen as the Zumo 550 and Zumo 450 (Zumo 450 never reached Australian shores) but the Zumo 220 was a lesser cousin in some features such as no headphone jack, only 10 routes on board but can have more using a microSD card to store more (Zumo 550/450 have 50 maximum), no MP3 player and no audio book player. It does have extras such as world travel clock, currency & unit converter and calculator, speed limit indicator, where am I?, lane assist, speaker, 7 hours battery life (older units only had 4 hours). But what confuses me about the Zumo 220 is the missing features that were in the Zumo 450 and 550. Limited on-board memory for programs maybe? If anyone has any of these models and can tell me what the on-board memory sizes are would be appreciated.

    The Numaps Guarantee was introduced to the Zumo 220, Zumo 660 and the new Zumo 350 but the Zumo 550 and Zumo 450 did have a standard 60 day free map update from the time you buy the GPS or possibly the first time it locked onto satellites but I can't prove that now.

    The new model Zumo 350LM does not have a replaceable rechargeable battery, it is built-in, thus when the battery fails outside of warranty you will either attempt to replace it yourself or send it to me to replace The advantage of an internal battery is a longer usage before having to recharge. But it makes no sense to me if the Zumo is powered up by external power source which would be 95% of the time for sure. So why do it when it means hassle for the customer when the battery dies?

    The Zumo 350LM doesn't have 3D buildings and landmarks view but the older Zumo 660 does. The Zumo has 100 routes but the Zumo has 20 with additional routes accessible via the microSD card. It doesn't have photo navigation to geotagged photos, no Garmin lock, no picture viewer, MP3 player or audio player.

    If you compare the Zumo 550 to the Zumo 660 then you could definitely say the Zumo 660 was a better equipped GPS feature wise. However, many motorcyclists liked the 4.3" screen but preferred the hard buttons on the Zumo 550 and sales of the Zumo 550 over the Zumo 660 reflected this. Now, Garmin have discontinued the Zumo 550 and Zumo 450 thus forcing the Zumo 550 diehards to change when their old machine fails.

    The Zumo 350LM has traffic trends over the Zumo 660 which I think should improve route times and thus a really good feature.

    But what is also interesting, although not new, is Garmin using lesser model number for the newer machine. The Nuvi 260 came out before the Nuvi 255, Garmin must have got their models mixed up

    Conclusion? Well, I prefer the style of the Zumo 350LM but if I could get the Zumo 660 at bargain price then it would be worth the buy. This suggestion though is probably only good for another 3 months (October 2012) until all Zumo 220 and Zumo 660 are sold out and completely unavailable.

    Click on the images to enlarge them. approx 600KB each.

    Garmin - Compare-zumo.jpgGarmin - Compare-zumo550.jpg
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