The NuRevu video clip below is excellent to show you what is happening between Garmin and TomTom for street mapping Apps on Apple and Android devices. Although not an Australian comparison it does highlight the feature differences and route calculation between the two. The purpose of this thread is a reminder of how Garmin have tried the mobile market before and stopped (Garmin XT), started and stopped again (Nuvifone) and now started again. Personally I can't say Garmin have been supportive of their customers in this format but maybe they finally realise they have no choice.

The night screen on the TomTom is poor as mentioned in the review, both had a variant in the route from what the reviewer considered the best route to take, TomTom had some advantages over Garmin uch more street view and detour option. The othe rpoint is Garmin have nobbled it's version compared to their dedicated Nuvi street navigator series.

He says that the Garmin does not download the whole map only a portion of it but in an updated reply he says the following.

"Garmin has a version that doesn't require data and TomTom doesn't and can even have data disabled as an option within the app. Easiest way to tell if the app installs all maps onto the device is the size of the download"

Garmin have not produced an Android version of CityNavigator, which is not a clever move as it cut outs currently 53% of all US telco carrier activated Smart Phones being Android.

Curently there is no Garmin App for Australia, only North America, USA and Europe, but there is for TomTom, so in regards to these two you have no choice anyway. There are other apps by TwoNav, Destinator and CoPilot Live and Sygic. I would like to see Magellan's Roadmate be made available but is a wait and see.

Of the above only TwoNav allow for on-road and off-road maps etc. In regards to off-road usage there is OziExplorer and MudMap but neither handle street navigation.

Once Microsoft get their act together with Windows 8 etc it will be interesting to see what these App makers do. One site suggested that MS will affect all but the site is only accounting for business orientated users and these days when you can buy an Android phone for as little as $100 the pre-teens and teenies will take their Android preference into the next 15 years or more.