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    Thumbs up moving map displays

    Hi there, this is my 1st post so apologies if not in the right place. Can anyone tell me if Garmin base camp supports "moving map displays" function on a windows 7 or 8 pc tablet. I can't find anything on the garmin or basecamps sites. I know that mapsource does.
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi. Early versions of Mapsource apparently did support 'moving map'. The most recent versions didn't.
    Basecamp is mainly for GPS management, not 'moving map'.

    Hope that helps. I have Win XP.
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  3. Not sure if your mapping product is supported by Nroute, but its worth a read
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    Garmin no longer seem to suport nRoute.
    Note that the webpage Sharkcaver linked to is dated 2005 ie 8 years ago, & refers to GPS models GPS18 & GPS10!
    I'm not sure if it will run the more recent Garmin map products, but it might run OSM maps & other 3rd party products OK.
    You may need to look at investing in OziExplorer.
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  5. Just to add to Michael's reply......yep, its old and unsupported. Last version was actually in 2010 (Ver 2.76). However it doesn't require the gps10 or 18. Any garmin with nmea output and maps locked to that gps will work. In fact, using a gps emulator, You don't even need a garmin product to run it.

    I know it works with my version of Bluechart, CN2010 and shonky's with both my vista Hcx and bu-353 via an emulator.

    All of this may be a worthless post if you are using a current generation of Garmin mapping product as I suspect it will not support Garmin Topo Aus. But I haven't tried or recall seeing anything on this......

    Not sure if Nroutes replacement (also now defunct IIRC), mobile PC supports the newer gen stuff either.

    The Op doesn't mention what mapping product he is using.

    And I agree, Ozi is hard to beat...... Unless you have to buy it and associated maps if you already have a mapping product less the moving map bit.

    All hypothetical until the OP posts back I guess.
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    If you are still around.

    Try Garmin nRoute for live real time GPS NMEA connected mapping. Now obsolete but still working perfectly here in Windows 8 with all my current Garmin Mapsets including Topo Australia & New Zealand v4.

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    I am having problems with nRoute in a touch screen windows 8 laptop in that nRoute doesnt want to recognize the installed garmin maps. Is there an alternative program that can use Garmin maps and a moving map setup ? Yes, I also have OziExplorer running but I would like to use the Garmin maps. Any suggestions out there?
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