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  1. Aldi Medion GoPal S3867

    Interesting to see the 7.62 cm/3" Outdoor-Navigationssystem Medion Gopal S3867 (MD 99210) at Aldi in Germany for 159 Euro.


    Blame Google translate for the poor German translation:

    Transreflektiver touchscreen for good visibility in sunlight, robust & waterproof (IPX7), 3D compass and barometric altimeter Geocaching-function & Fitness Trainer


    • Topographic maps of Germany & Austria preinstalled -
      brings hikers, climbers, bikers and geocachers reliably to your destination
    • Especially handy in its form factor
    • Convenient for outdoor use - a 7.62 cm / 3 "touchscreen transreflektiver for good visibility in sunlight
    • Thanks IPX7 waterproof and rugged
    • 3D compass and barometric altimeter for optimal orientation
    • Long outdoor use - thanks to its interchangeable AA NiMH batteries up to 8 hours on a single charge
    • Experience new adventures with the Geocaching function
    • Fitness Trainer - records your calorie consumption on the route to
    • 2 freely configurable buttons - you assign the knobs with the most important functions for you
    • Many outdoor content such as cycling, mountain peaks, scenic spots, etc.

    Card Highlights

    • Topographic maps of Germany and Austria with a resolution of 1:100,000
    • Voucher to download two high-resolution topographic map sections
      (1 x Germany / Austria 1 ) with a resolution of 1:25,000
    • Europe-OpenStreetMap Karten vorinstalliert
    • Expandable with additional OpenStreetMap maps for any region
    • Combined view of multiple card types - road maps or topographic maps
    • Card formats: topographic maps, vector maps

    Goals and ways

    • Sort the list of waypoints; store / show waypoints / edit Waypoint: waypoint
    • Routes: Create your own routes; sort list of routes, new route, route load / display / edit, route navigation (walking, biking or off-road routes)
    • Tracks: Sort the list of tracks, load tracks (GPX) / record / display, track navigation, track information with pictures
    • Geocaching: directional characteristics; sort list of geocaches, geocache Show / Import, navigate to geocaches, geocaching helper
    • Special destinations: several special targets in many standard and outdoor categories (landscape features such as viewing points or peaks)
    • Coordinates: input in degrees or decimal

    Display options for data fields

    • Aktuelle Position
    • Current and average speed
    • Total maximum
    • Time of day
    • Time in motion / no
    • Time to Target
    • Pause time
    • Expected time of arrival
    • Time to next waypoint
    • Total duration
    • Distance traveled
    • Total length of the route
    • Distance to destination / waypoint
    • Direction to the next waypoint (arrow display / indicating the cardinal directions)
    • Altitude (up, down, total)
    • Pressure
    • Aktuell / Maxima / mini male Hhe


    • Start display of GPS and battery status, user configurable data fields, track / stop recording;; positioner, zoom, scale store waypoints; different card themes to choose from; put PIN; auto hide the buttons on the map for a better overview: Map
    • Trip Computer with Compass: Course and bearing of the compass, user configurable data fields
    • Elevation: Displays the height profile of a current route to the actual position, the user configurable data fields

    Additional Features

    • Stopwatch
    • Alarm
    • Torch
    • Planimeters


    • miniUSB
    • microSD card slot

    System Requirements

    For MEDION GoPal Assistant:

    • Windows 8/Microsoft Windows 7/Windows Vista SP1 / Windows XP SP3, 750 MHz Prozessor Oder hher, DVD-ROM-Laufwerk, USB-Schnittstelle


    • 7.62 cm / 3 "TFT touch screen
      (65,536 colors and 240 400 pixels)
    • Samsung 533 MHz processor
    • SiRFstarIII GPS receiver
    • 8 GB built-in memory
    • 128 MB RAM
    • WinCE 5.0 based

    Including accessories

    • DVD mit der MEDION GoPal Outdoor Navigation Software und Outdoor-Kart Material
    • Bike Mount
    • USB 2.0 Synchronisationskabel

    Dimensions (W x H x D) / Weight

    • Ca. 122 70 37 mm/ca. 240 g (inkl. Akkus)

    1. Vouchers can the MEDION GoPal Assistant Store be redeemed. Redeemable within 24 months, no later than 31/12/2015.

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    Nice find, if you are in Europe

    I looked at the UK sites that list it and the Medion German site (Medion is a Germanic company) and located brochures and specifications but no detail info on the following: How many waypoints, routes or tracks you can have, if the battery is built-in or not (which I think it is) and if so, if the internal battery fails what happens for replacement? If you click on the English language option it takes you to the UK site but it doesn't list the GPS.

    It has 8GB internal memory, and if the maps I supply is anything to go by (19GB) there is a limitation to what maps can be placed on it. The fact it doesn't state if the maps are in a proprietry format makes it difficult to assess it's usefullness in the Australian market. OSM maps installed is great but can you install updates etc?

    The Magellan eXplorist 110 has a great base map on it, equivalent to OSM, but you cannot update or upgrade it.

    I think the price reflects the lack of versatility and low specifications. Would like to know if it is sunlight readable. The Medion has no decent accessories for any use other than hiking. A French site details what is good for and seems even geocaching capability is limited.

    Don't assume you can put TwoNav or Ozie onto it as then the buttons cannot be used and may not be compatible as the WinCE is inbedded.

    For 159 Euros (AU$220), I think I would stick with a Garmin such as the Dakota 10, eTrex 20 or even the Dakota 20.

    Maybe this is the start of better GPS from Medion.

    As this is not in Australia I have shifted the thread to Overseas GPS.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by flywire View Post
    ...interchangeable AA NiMH batteries...

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    ahhhh good! I also note a bike mount is available.
    The sun rises and sets, the moon wax and wanes, oceans ebb and rise, warmth of spring and the coolness of autumn and my heart beats as if I belong to them all.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Nicko View Post
    ... Medion German site ...

    The Magellan eXplorist 110 has a great base map on it, equivalent to OSM, but you cannot update or upgrade it.

    ... French site ...
    Both of these links are to the Medion S3857 not the S3867. They have very different specs.

    Re S4857
    Launch date: 31/05/12
    No Maritime
    No Sport (fitness,course pieds, cyclisme)
    Yes Outdoor (hiking, trekking)
    No Geocaching
    No Aviation
    No Vlo / Scooter
    No Bluetooth
    Weight 148 g
    Size factor Handheld
    The serial number (model): 30012659

    BTW I read somewhere that someone put a map on a Magellan eXplorist GC. I wouldn't mind betting that you can do a bit with the Magellan eXplorist 110 if you could be bothered.
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