If you have a relevant item you wish to sell, it can be done through this section of the forum and in our shop for free. You must tell us you want to do this either in the advert you put in here or by private message to me.

Supply us the details including brand, model, age, warranty, price you want and if possible a picture or two. However, to avoid having your GPS listed when already sold you must let us know the outcome and unless you let us know periodically, say once a month that you still have the unit we will remove it from the shop after 2 months. You can request it to be placed back on the web site even if we remove it. Send the details and pics (no bigger than 500x500 pixels if you can) to our email address.

This offer only applies to members and legitimate products and to safe guard against spammers, we will have the final say in having the item posted or advertised on our forum or shop.

Business that wish to sell their products must ask for permission first before advertising and will incur advertising costs. This section is for individuals selling items they purchased not a retailer selling to an end user. If you are not sure PM me and I will let you know.