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    Two possibly stupid questions

    Hopefully posting in the correct forum here. Had a look in FAQ and couldn't see anything so -

    Is it possible to display geocaches in google maps? Would be a wonderful addition if not.

    Can I take a jpg of a route from Goggle maps and download it as a map in my Garmin etrex20, so I can show my route and the geocaches nearby. I have already downloaded basecamp but the documentation is lousy to say the least!



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    Garmin allows for custom maps
    However, a route is not available in jpeg unless you took a screen shot but then you will need to georeference it, which Garmin programs like Mapsource and Basecamp don't do. You will need other programs such as CompeGPS Land or OziExplorer.

    A route should be in say .kmz or .gpx file format. You can use to create a route and save it to your PC and the transfer to the GPS.
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    Thanks Nicko,
    I'll check that out once I get home this evening.

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