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    Help with sd card recognition

    This may seem like a stupid question
    recieving my brand new garmin gpsmap 64s I launched into registering it and getting some usable maps
    of course, being garmin, not so easy
    i downloaded basemap....... All good
    i downloaded osm street maps....... All good
    i downloaded a birdseye image........ All good
    but when I put them or load them onto the micr sd card the device dont recognise them
    i put the birdseye image into the birdseye folder on the device and it works perfectly
    the osm maps, not at all

    please help is it something simple, stupid or am I missing something?

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    I do not know anything about the 'modern' garmins or the 64s.
    I have a 60, 60Cx & a 60CSx, to load maps onto the Cx & CSx I have to first install them into the Garmin PC program Mapsource, then plug in the GPS & install to it from Mapsource.
    The other option is to buy a SD (or is it a microSD) card with maps pre-loaded.
    I use the OzTopo map which is the very best whole of Australia map on the Market.
    regards Michael

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    Thanks for that
    I will be buying maps from oztopo in a months time
    I want a map capable of working on two devices, aparently this is possible and the helpful gentleman at oztopo gas agreed to help me out

    I was just playing around and seeing what I can do and for sone reason the garmin will not recognise the sd card
    Even copying birdseye pictures from the unit to the micro card will not work, I have to copy the same back to the unit for them to work
    It is for this reason Im confused, the unit just will not recognise the card

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