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    Question What GPS Devices can u "Upload" your Tracklogs to?

    Hey all.....

    1st time posting here for quite some time, so I hope this is the right spot to Post this..... I'm hoping for some insights into what GPS's are out there where you can "Upload" someone else's "Tracklog" into your GPS and then visually see it on the Screen, thus allowing you to follow the Tracklog on your GPS Screen? I've currently have a Garmin Montana650T which does this nicely, but I would also love to find one that has a larger screen. The Montana is a bit of a hybrid that meets the Hiking/Auto sections, but I was hoping to find one that is more dedicated for Auto, Remote touring/exploring that has a larger screen. I'm accustomed to using Garmin GPS's and they don't make a GPS dedicated for Cars that does what I'm wanting. Sure, u can upload a "Route" into the GPS, but this becomes useless when there is no roads/tracks where you are travelling....

    So, what I'm hoping is for some ideas / options that may meet my needs......

    BTW: I know about HEMA/Mudmap/MotionX; etc and these "do not" really meet what I'm looking for. Ozi-Explorer is the only one that might do, but I don't know much about it and was looking for alternatives to the one's I've mentioned above..... I did have Garmin "nRoute" on my PC which did exactly meet my needs, but this program is now outdated and not supported & I'm not sure if it works on later operating systems.....

    So, if anyone out there has some other ideas/options, I would be keen to hear of them.....

    I'm wanting to do some remote touring / exploring, & if I can find a setup that will allow me to upload other peoples tracklogs that I can follow in remote areas, that will make it that much easier, so that's why I'm asking this question......

    Rob M

    Just purchased Garmin Montana 650T so let the learning begin.....

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    Yes Oziexplorer will do what you want. Pretty sure it comes with the Hema unit. Other than that you can load Ozi onto a laptop ( free trial)or android tablet. Have a look at . and you will see many track routes for download in a variety of formats
    Most tablets come with built in gps but you can link your garmin to a small laptop and use Ozi .

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