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    Converting maps on QTOPO for Sportiva

    Let me start by saying I am a total loss when it comes to what all the terms and technical details are concerning GPS maps. That said, I have learnt that QTOPO have changed their file format from .ecw to png. The result is that dumbells like me can no longer simply load the Queensland QTOPO maps directly on to the Sportiva. I now have to use Land 8 to somehow do some thing to the map to make it work in the Sportiva.

    I have got this far after bugging poor Nick on numerous occasions. I'd rather give Nick a break and not take advantage of his good nature with such frustrating inquiries. Is there some one out there that is willing to take a phone call from me and walk me through how to convert these maps on Land 8 so as to load onto a Sportiva.

    Thank you.


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    I have a good friend called Google and he suggested that a graphics viewing program called ... IrFanView... can view and convert files from .ecw to .png.
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