I am still using my Magellan 2000XL GPS that I purchased back in 1998 and YES it is a dinosaur compared to what is available now.
For what I use it for it has performed that duty admirably.

Since it operates using 4 x AA alkaline batteries I decided to try using 4 x AA NiMH rechargeable instead.
It appeared to operate even though the total voltage from the NiMH is less than the alkaline.
However I am not sure if the problem I am experiencing is due to using the NiMH batteries.

That problem appears to exist when now trying to initialize it after not using it for some time as it seems to be taking longer to lock on to satellites?
Also when I initialize it after I have set the Time and Date correctly a short time later the Time remains correct however the Date changes back to 98 instead of 17?