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    Convert oziexplorer .map files to .ecw?

    Does anyone know of free software that will convert oziexplorer .map files to ecw files?

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    Quote Originally Posted by big-60
    Does anyone know of free software that will convert oziexplorer .map files to ecw files?
    the .map file is the file command that ozi uses to open maps normally an ecw file. you need a .map file and a file that contains the map(picture)
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    big-60, rotax racer (names would be nice) is correct.
    If you want to convert your raster images - BMP, TIF, PNG, JPG etc. to ECW format this thread may help.
    Posts #6,7,8

    Don't forget you must also edit the associated .map file to reflect your new image filename.


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    What Neville says is fully correct.
    Maybe just a little bit of explanation to this.
    In Ozi you need two files to have a map displayed.
    One file is an image in whatever format you like it or have it available.
    This can be PNG, JPG, BMP,TIFF, ECW and some more.
    Certain formats like TIFF and ECW have some advantages over others. The big advantage of TIFF and ECW is that the image can be mapped, in other words, the image doesn't have to be loaded in memory completely like for instance a JPG. Therefore these image seen to load faster, but only because they are loaded as far as needed.

    The second kind of file is a *.map file. In fact this is a simple text-file that informs Ozi about the name of the image to load, the dimensions, the calibration points, the mapdatum and projection and many more.

    So if you want to see a certain map, all you do is load the *.map file into Ozi and it takes care of all.

    Where Neville says: "Don't forget you must also edit the associated .map file to reflect your new image filename" he is actually referring to the name of the image which is in the mapfile.
    So if you convert a file like xyz.png to xyz.ecw you should open the related map-file (usually named and alter the 3th line from the top, starting with the diskname f.i. C:\..\..\xyz.png into C:\..\..\xyz.ecw
    You can omit the 'C:\..\..\' part if your image and mapfiles are in the same directory. Then all you need is xyz.ecw.

    Note: the second line from the top is the name that is displayed in Ozi as name of the map. Usually this is the same as the actual filename but can be anything you want. If you like you can alter this line into xyz.ecw as well.

    Oh, and all this can be done in Notepad. Just open the appropriate map-file. At least alter line 3 but if you want also line 2, save the file and you're done.

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