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  1. Holux NAV61

    I read with interest your article on the above.
    I was wondering if anyone out there could assist with help.
    I have a Holex M1000 bluetooth receiver, a notebook with Vista Home, I am using a IVT bluetooth dongle as the transfer medium.
    I see the satellite data stream displayed on my mini gps viewer (serial port 6 in this case), but cant seem to get the data thru to the Garmin nRoute program. I can't see what I have not configured correctly.
    Any suggestions please.

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    Please ensure you place replies in an appropriate part of the forum, it gives me extra work otherwise.

    I would say nroute is looking for Garmin protocol and not NMEA 0183 protocol.
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    nRoute expects to see a Garmin GPS receiver. I use nRoute with a bluetooth GPS using GpsGate.

    Google or search this forum for "gpsgate".

    "Use standard GPS receivers with Garmin applications (nRoute)
    Stabilize the GPS connection. In particular to Bluetooth GPS receivers"

    There may be other options.

    PS Have you seen the latest NUVI (nRoute replacement?) clone for PCs from Garmin - MobilePC - it works perfectly using my BT395W GPS without GpsGate.


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